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25 Free World Music Samplers at Amazon.com

World music is my favorite music genre & when I’m working I like to listen to New Sounds at WNYC or Pandora. Back in days of yore, New Sounds was syndicated at a local station, so each evening I would tape the show & listen to it the next day at work, on a Walkman-type cassette player. Now it’s just a matter of going to the website, picking a show from the archives & listening to the streaming audio. However, I probably wouldn’t have known about the show if I hadn’t listened to it on my local radio station.

Anyway Amazon is offering 25 Free World Music samplers, plus a list of 100 Greatest World Music Albums of all time, some familiar, others not so much, but lots to explore there.

Free World Music samplers

Free World Music samplers

100 World Music albums

100 Greatest World Music albums


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