SciFi HD but no BSG? check the schedule!

I recently found out that my Comcast cable system now has the SciFi Channel in HD. (Yay!) Last night I tuned in hoping to see Battlestar Galactica in glorious HD, only to find that the HD channel was showing Stargate! Wondering if I’d gotten the time mixed up, I checked the regular SciFi Channel and found Battlestar Galactica there at its usual time. (For me in the SF Bay Area that is 10pm Friday.) Today I checked the Comcast TVplanner and found out that BSG is in HD but shows at different times – 7 & 9 pm Fridays. At least next week I’ll be ready!


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  1. Monica

    It’s great that Comcast is adding more HD channels to their lineup but DISH Network still offers more HD channels than any other provider. I have DISH and love that I can watch live TV Everywhere on mobile devices like my iPhone. I work for DISH so I know firsthand that they truly value quality customer service; in fact, DISH has beat Comcast in Customer Satisfaction 10 years in a row (according to the 2010 American Customer Satisfaction index survey results for the largest U. S. cable and satellite TV providers).

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