Buffy Season Eight!

Who knew Buffy the Vampire Slayer had continued on as a comic? Not me until recently I happened to come across it, I don’t remember where. Anyway I’ve just gotten a copy of volume 1: The Long Way Home that collects the first five comics.

There’s a second volume: No Future For You due out in June, or individual comic issues are also available. Wikipedia has details on the comics

as well as the TV series so there’s a handy reference to refresh my memory on some things I’d forgotten (who is Amy? why does Xander have that eye patch?)

Buffy was the first series that I watched straight through on DVD to catch up and it really showed me how epic TV can become when there are so many hours to develop the characters. The usual week between episodes seems to lessen the impact, so I imagine many series are better seen in a marathon one-episode-per-night fest.

See also Whedonesque


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