watched ‘Waitress’ DVD

Last night I watched Waitress, essentially a character study of the title character, wonderfully played by Keri Russell, best known to me as TV’s Felicity.
Waitress Russell’s waitress is an expert pie maker in an unhappy marriage whose escape plan is complicated by an unwanted pregnancy. The husband just seemed to be very emotionally needy, not really a bad person, so I was sorry that the story didn’t offer him any redemption or growth. There was also a new love interest, the (married) ob/gyn doctor (erstwhile captain in Firefly), whose reasons for getting into an affair with a patient were not much explored. So overall the male characters got somewhat short shrift. It was kind of a Southern Sex in the City girlfriend movie (with lots of yummy-looking pies) that I enjoyed watching.


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  1. Keri Russell is very cute being a waitress…She is absolutely pretty…I love the story of this film…

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